Once a session has been confirmed, I will arrange a phone call to go over any concerns; timing, clothes, what to prepare, what to expect, how long until you get your final images, any and all queries will be met.

I photograph primarily in natural light.



As I travel to many of my clients, I work mainly with digital images.

I charge one fixed session fee, and provide you with the full collection of digital images.
Additional products like prints, cards and books can be ordered separately.
Services like make up artist, hair stylist and photo props are all available upon request.

For pricing please submit an enquiry on the CONTACT page.

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What if you feel uncomforatable in front of the camera?

Many people do, they often get dragged along kicking and screaming, and that's just the dads! With children there are moments when they won't cooperate for any amount of sweets in the world.

Unless I am photographing my own children, whom I simply can never get to cooperate - see our family portrait on the left - my philosophy is one of interaction and humour. An impromptu race here or a tickle attack there, anything to get the little ones going.

If you hate posing, then let’s not. The candid photographs are the most natural ones.
Sometimes structure takes away from a memory's honesty. Trust me to capture the moments in between, camera forgotten.

Maternity session when you are not quite ‘’feeling it’’?

I get it, I have been pregnant twice. It can be amazing, but it can also be, lets say, not so amazing.

Pregnancy is a stage that doesnt last forever, but it will be remembered forever.

My aim is to capture a positive moment that becomes a memory you can proudly look back on.

It is not a fashion shoot, we don’t have to look perfect and nail that magazine cover, we’re just capturing the most important time of your life.

Still hesitating?

I consider photography to be art, but does art have to be an investment? In this case it is, of a little time and dedication.

An investment with a huge return.